Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to the Freedom Giveaway Hop!

One lucky winner will get a Kindle copy of all 3 books!

Ted Saves the World
A possessed cheerleader. A cursed gang of criminals. Mysterious telekinetic powers. An angry ex-girlfriend in gym class? One second, sophomore in high school Ted endures his first breakup in his favorite place in town. The next, a mysterious blue light turns him into a worldwide superhero sensation for taking down a posse of grisly murderers. As his views on YouTube increase and his friend Dhiraj tries to capitalize on the marketing potential, his dangers increase as well when a presumed-dead cheerleader begins taking a personal interest. Can Ted survive his first week as a superhero in the public eye? This novella is the first taste in a series of full-length novels about the adventures of Ted Finley and Erica LaPlante. 

Raven Finch: The Curse of the Dead Woods
Urban Fantasy

What could be worse for 15 year old Raven Finch than being accused of being a witch by Ethan Noble, the annoying boy next door? Finding out he’s half warlock, half mortal, and he’s the only one who can help her when people start to disappear, and she fears she may be the next victim. Can this unlikely pair join forces against Agatha, the High Witch, who took Raven when she was born and has enslaved her at Castle Rock? Why are there similarities between Ethan and Raven, and why is it that all the peculiar things that are happening has her believing his accusations? Could it be that all the mixing of potions and reading of spell books to help Ethan is turning her into a witch? Or is her mind just playing tricks on her? 

Hedgeland (Urban Fantasy)

Hedgeland, an urban fantasy of time travel. Dr April Neuland, a Professor of Ancient Languages turned non-fiction writer, has been plagued by dreams all her life, dreams of her past life in the Otherworld. Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension of April's past and Caridwen's future, Worthing, a Future History Professor, has allied with the Military to access Future Internet communications and use new technology to influence April to write an ebook novel revealing where she, in her past life as Caridwen, hid the Kiste, a device to travel through time and space. Hedgeland weaves all three time/space frames: Caridwen, Worthing, and April. Hedgeland is the first in the Hedgecraft Sequence, but is a fully self contained novel with no cliff hangers.

Author Dr Ann Nyland was on Faculty at the University of New England, Australia. She is a grammar pedant, ancient languages translator, and best selling non-fiction author of such books as The Complete Books of Enoch; Angels, Archangels and Angel Categories: What the Ancients Said; The Book of Jubilees; A Devil of a Job to Find Satan in the Bible, among others.

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johanna said...

I have a new Kindle so this would be perfect..

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I would love to read this group of books! Thanks for the great giveaway:)

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M.A.D. said...

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Looks like some interesting books.

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Great, I need some new ebooks.


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Thanks for great giveaway!
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Bakin_Goddess said...

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very interesting books...
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Raven Finch looks awesome!
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